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- session 1 : 24/09/2018, registration closes 06/09/2018

- session 2 : 23/11/2018, registration closes 06/11/2018

- session 3 : 25/01/2019, registration closes 08/01/2019

- session 4 : 15/03/2019, registration closes 26/02/2019

- session 5 : 27/05/2019, registration closes 09/05/2019 


        Writing 50 euros                                                 Speaking 100 euros                

            Reading Comprehension 50 euros                        Listening Comprehension 50 euros

TEF Canada

(French proficiency test)


Intended audience?  Anyone wishing to immigrate to Canada or request for Canadian citizenship. 
What is the TEF Canada? 

The TEF Canada is a compulsory test within the framework of the economic immigration program that requires proof of linguistic knowledge, at the request of the Canadian Citizen and Immigration Department.

The TEF Canada also is indispensable proof of the French proficiency level of a candidate for Canadian citizenship.


Once your registration for the TEF Canada has been received, the French language center at the CCI Paris-Ile-de-France will collect information from you as required by Canadian laws concerning immigration requests.

Once you obtain the required level of proficiency, your personal data will be made accessible to the Canadian authorities. If you oppose the transmission, modify or delete this data your immigration request will not be processed by the Canadian authorities.

Your data is stored by the French language center of the CCI Paris Ile-de-France for ten years. The data transmitted to the Canadian authorities is stored according to Canadian laws.

Components of the TEF Canada? 

The TEF Canada evaluates your proficiency in both written and oral French through the following tests:

  • Listening comprehension  : 40 min – 60 questions
  • Reading comprehension : 60 min – 50 questions
  • Speaking: 15 min – 2 subjects to deal with
  • Writing : 60 min – 2 subjects to deal with

A certificate of your results on the TEF Canada will be sent to you by mail within 30 days.

It will detail your score for each of the four tests. 



Validity of results? 

The results are valid for 2 years. 
If I fail this test?   You can retake the TEF Canada as many times as you need though you must wait two months after the last time you took the test.


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