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Compulsory tests (70 euros)

Optional tests in writing (40 euros)

Optional tests in speaking (60 euros)

                                                             Dates for the General TCF                                                                                                           Registration closes one month before the date of the exam.                 

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(French Proficiency Test for the General Public)

 Intended audience?  

For the following reasons:

  • personal: this test assesses your knowledge of French (oral and written comprehension and expression) with a view to subsequent improvement; it is a linguistic snapshot of your level of French at the time of sitting the test;
  • professional : it provides objective information which candidates can put forward when applying for a job or promotion;
  • Academic: according to international standards, it is a reliable assessment of language skills which can be taken into consideration for admission to higher education establishments (universities, grandes écoles, art colleges, architectural colleges, business schools…).
 What is the TCF TP?  

The TCF TP comprises of 3 compulsory tests:

- Listening comprehension (25 minutes)

- Reading comprehension (15 minutes)

- Proficiency in language structures (45 minutes)

You also have the possibility to register for two optional tests:

- Speaking (12 minutes)

- Writing (60 minutes)

 To succeed?  

A certificate will be issued based on your results.

The TCF is a test that reliably ranks the candidate’s results on the European Counsel’s six-level scale (from A1 to C2).

You need to obtain the level required by your employer or organization that requests you to take the exam if that is the case. 

For French universities, a B2 level is required, perhaps even C1 depending on the specialty you have requested…

 When will I get the results?


 The results are sent through the mail after a period of 30 days.

 Validity of results?


 The results of these tests are valid for 2 years.
 If I fail the test?  You can retake the exam as many times as you need, though there is a minimum wait of 30 days after the last time you took it before you can take it again.


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